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Samurai Arts

Samurai Arts -Dark World
30 January
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What can I say that's not already been said or gossiped about? LOL
I have a great sense of humor, just ask me!
CEO of a production company that makes Book Trailers, I also am the executive producer of Reader's Entertainment TV and the creator of The Lonesome Losers comdey show.
I have a true love of people, animals and books! My heart is totally and completely claimed, owned and given to my wonderful husband, Ed English.
I love my silly dogs, two fish and two horses. But great joy and love is my son, Christopher, my nephew Jeremy and my little step-daughter M.
I have wonderful, warm, fantastic friends that also have LiveJournals, or are the Isaac Woofter fan site. Speaking of which, one of my very best friends is Isaac Hirotsu Woofter! Other great friends include Daniel Woofter, Sarah Woofter, Matt Woofter (is this a theme? LOL) Ikemi and Tom! There...that's all the Woofters! Cheryl has been my best friend since we were 10 or so. Good thing Mike married her so we'd have a good wife! LOL
And Mike has been my best friend since...well...before I was born! lol
*Big wave* to my girls! Lisa, Anne, Rose, Maida, Diana, Lysa, Mary, Mary, Semet, Brandi, Melissa, Christine, Kelli, Jai, Tammy, Lillith, Christi, and hopefully I didn't miss anyone!!! lol
family, horses, reading, swimming, travel...did i mention reading?, writing